Resources for Students Researching Master's in Social Work Programs

Social work is a complex, challenging, diverse, and incredibly impactful discipline. Preparing for an advanced career in social work requires a great deal of academic and professional preparation. For individuals interested in entering advanced social work as a profession, there has been unprecedented expansion in the number of options available for students to earn the credentials they need to practice social work. For example, for students interested in earning their Master of Social Work (MSW) degree, there are campus, hybrid, and online program options offered with a wide variety of specializations ranging from clinical social work to macro social work. seeks to provide individuals interested in a career in social work with resources on graduate social work education, career paths in social work, social work licensing requirements, how current and prospective students can set themselves up for success in their social work education and future careers, and more. The following articles contain information relevant to the majority of students considering a graduate program in the field of social work. These articles complement our other sections, including our Frequently Asked Questions, which address more specific questions related to graduate social work education (for example, traditional vs advanced standing MSW programs, or in-depth information about field education).

Resources for MSW Programs

Admission Requirements for MSW Programs: This resource covers the typical admissions requirements for master of social work programs, and includes detailed information on the different admissions processes for advanced standing and traditional standing MSW programs.

Master of Social Work (MSW) Specializations: This resource page provides a detailed overview of common MSW specializations within the larger fields of micro/clinical, macro, and advanced generalist social work.