Frequently Asked Questions about Social Work and Master's in Social Work Programs

Social work as a discipline is broad, impactful, and continually evolving. It plays an important role in a myriad of settings, including social service agencies, hospitals, schools, court systems, behavioral health centers, substance abuse treatment facilities, and more. It is important for social work professionals and students to understand the great diversity within their discipline. Knowledge of the scope and depth of social work can help them to shape their careers and prepare themselves for burgeoning developments in this field. Moreover, social work education must meet the rigorous standards of both the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) and state social work licensing boards. Students must thoroughly research their program options and also make sure that, if they wish to become a licensed clinical social worker, they select a CSWE-accredited graduate social work program.

To help students navigate the potentially overwhelming landscape of social work sub-disciplines, CSWE candidacy and program accreditation, and the process of successfully completing their MSW degree program, publishes answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) in the areas of social work and social work education. This section features answers to some of students’ most common and pressing questions, including questions around MSW specializations, preparing for social work licensure, and the differences between training and practice for micro, mezzo, and macro social work.

We constantly look for new ways to inform and better serve our readership. If you have a specific question about social work careers, graduate programs, accreditation, and/or licensure, please let us know via our Contact Us form, and we will try to answer it here.